Rail Crazy

Posted by Sean Goldberg on 12:55 PM

Sometimes you roll up to a spot eye it up and think you know what i'll save it for another day, other times you think I'm getting this done now. For Isaac its always a 50/50 mix one day hes ready to jump off building other days he'll just stare down a rail and say no. A couple of weeks ago riding around new utrecht high school we stopped at this rail that not alot of people have messed around with. Isaac was staring it down taking runs it looked like it was going to turn out him not getting it done. After another run he gave it a shot ended up in a crook with his back peg in the middle of the rail flipped and was pretty bummed.Photobucket
After that bail isaac got up and tried it again ending up with the double peg down like he wanted.Photobucket After the double peg he decided to see if he could land another trick on it maybe feeble or crook anything besides a double peg. Isaac ended up sliding down the rail sitting on his seat and having both feet firmly planted on his 2 front pegs.Photobucket Call it luck but he rolled off the rail and rode away from it somewhat clean. The kids a complete ghost in and out but every time hes around shit gets interesting.


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