Kevin..... Brooklyn VS Cali

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3 Classics

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Little Anthony

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The baby is going in for surgery tomorrow on his elbow from what i hear the procedure is calling for a plate and 4 screws. Pretty legit after the bail on the spine he took front case to back case turndown to flat. I love the little bastard considering he has done down rails before he had vagina.Photobucket, But dont worry ant the scar from the surgery will have the girls swarming. Can't wait to see him back on the bike. Love you ant we are all with you.

New Jersey Spring Break Video

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The beautiful weather during spring break won't let us stay home,but rather go film,travel and have fun.This is a mellow edit from New Jersey from yesterday haha.

NJ Spring Break '09 from Milankosaurus! ™ on Vimeo.

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So as it has been for the last couple of weeks the harsh weather conditions we have suffered through for the long winter have riddled our crew with bike problems. Starting anywhere from my broken bottom bracket to the number of cracked frames, broken pedals,broken drivers,hopped sprockets,snapped cranks,bent bars,stolen seat posts and the countless flats we can not see an end to this reoccurring nightmare. Today we decided after the rain stopped to hit up a session at the banks but to our suprise the curse struck us again. This time in the broken bearings in my freecoster this having happened before i could take one full pedal on my bike. So after heading over to dah shop and fixing my bearings we headed over to the banks and 10 minutes after the session started i got broke and milans frame snapped. Photobucket
This left milan bummed because obviously he is a bum and has no money to buy a new frame.Photobucket
Gumby being the good friend he is solved the frame problem by lending milan a sunday original frame which my friends is unbreakable. Gumby then followed up the act of kindness with an act of schralp and landed his first couple walltap 180's and walltap to fakie.Photobucket Milan being the eastern european that he is decided that the huge crack in his frame shouldn't stop him from riding.Photobucket
This hear is milan landing a 540 with his cracked frame and new fitted hatPhotobucket. P.S To anyone that knows little mike from redhook looks are deceiving this picture does no justice to the spins that come out of that wallride keep an eye out for some footie on this banger.Photobucket

Stitches Get Bitches

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"Stitches Get Bitches" (Milan accent)

A few pics i shot over the weekend at a FDR sesh

Scotto 180 Barspin

Pepe opp febble

Milan being a Yurpie

Milan smith stall on sub

Connors wip in

Connors wip in

Mike ice pic on cemetery gate

Scotto footjam on the sub

Mike 180 bar

Mike footjam

Mexican Redhook Pirate Session!

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This Mexican was caught crossing border on his ship!

This is him and his pirate ship!

We were surprised how good he was riding his pirate bmx bike!

6 set handrail by Pepe the Pirate!Yargg!

His friend from another pirate ship,Gumby the Pirate!

The bad news!This is how Ikea looks now :(


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You do not wanna mess with Lil Anthony

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Bike Failure,Part 2 haha

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This is Milan's sprocket (now 19T) = cursed days!
He is still riding it like nothing happened and it holds perfectly,weird!

Bike Failure

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In the last month there has been cracks, flats, snaps, etc happening to everyone's bike lately and it sucks. Its gone as far as someone yelling boom and there tire explodes at that moment is there a curse on us?

Well at least spring break is here!