wow time goes so fast

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Highlights from march 27th

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Reffy as always getting loose on a gate.
Not that any of my tricks are cool but the pic i think is worth it .
Pepe with his signature x-factor barspin Dialed!
Milan getting broke
Milan coming threw with the half cab down a 5 set

5th Street Edit

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One day we all met up in this little park in Brooklyn on 5th Street and 5th Ave. It has a little skatepark inside but also some nice banks and handicap rail for street riding. So we start shooting people,with a video camera,of course. :)

5th Street Edit from Milankosaurus! ™ on Vimeo.

Rail Crazy

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Sometimes you roll up to a spot eye it up and think you know what i'll save it for another day, other times you think I'm getting this done now. For Isaac its always a 50/50 mix one day hes ready to jump off building other days he'll just stare down a rail and say no. A couple of weeks ago riding around new utrecht high school we stopped at this rail that not alot of people have messed around with. Isaac was staring it down taking runs it looked like it was going to turn out him not getting it done. After another run he gave it a shot ended up in a crook with his back peg in the middle of the rail flipped and was pretty bummed.Photobucket
After that bail isaac got up and tried it again ending up with the double peg down like he wanted.Photobucket After the double peg he decided to see if he could land another trick on it maybe feeble or crook anything besides a double peg. Isaac ended up sliding down the rail sitting on his seat and having both feet firmly planted on his 2 front pegs.Photobucket Call it luck but he rolled off the rail and rode away from it somewhat clean. The kids a complete ghost in and out but every time hes around shit gets interesting.


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im painting my aunt and uncles house and anyone who knows Uncle Paul knows how he loves to tamper with shit, I just rolled a celing with white celing paint and there is rust spots all over like poke-a-dots and its fucking brown ish wtf!!!

anyway here is a super old edit from way back when

2006 yurr from marc giardina on Vimeo.

Weekend Stuff

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A qucik edit
Mc Furrry!!!

Adayinthelife from marc giardina on Vimeo.

Mass Chillen


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Just got off the phone with Kevin and all is well on his side of the country. He has been busy working at a upper class restaurant making that money and eating their food then after work he gets to go ride a nice skate park right near his apartment at night with lights, something owls head fucking lacks! anyway Kevin come back to the fucking east coast already!


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This weekend was seans birthday, cannot believe he made it to 18, and lots of riding and chillen went down expect to see a edit and some pics popin thru here soon.

Fun at 5th Street

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When Lil Mike came over to 5th Street on a chilly day session haha.

5th street from Milankosaurus! ™ on Vimeo.


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Queen is the best

Acting like he made this food

Heres a Queen classic

Tree Sprocket

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Snagged this post off making of a tree bikes sprocket. Believe it or not i put a hop in this sprocket ha.
Sprocket Making Video from andy chapman on Vimeo.

Weather And Joey

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The most recent weather patterns did not predict snow on the first day of spring. So in this current state of chaotic weather conditions we will go out and cause some mayhem ourselves. Were coming for you don't let us catch you slippin or you could end up like joey. No one wants to end up like joey.Photobucket

Never to late ..

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To say congratulations to Chris for the birth of his wonderful daughter Abigail.
Get her a bike!

Reckless Reffy

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Anyone who knows the man in the picture below knows that when you see him you are bound to see reckless abandon for his own or anyone elses life. Be on the look out for some footie from reffy in the weeks to come.!

The Best Type Of Bike Lock

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Has a Jimmy inside!

One Day Edit

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hopefully there is more one day edits coming!
ps: get well soon Marc!

one day edit from Milankosaurus! ™ on Vimeo.

The Perfect Drink

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Dzavids new drink!

Brooklyn Banks

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Some of the crew chilling after a long session at the banks. Brooklyn means business!

2008 was a decent year

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Summer is Coming !

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