Some Random Stuff

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1. plagnum love it

The worst,the best,the most important and the most unimportant thing/person/organism/non-organism in the whole universe.Or easier said,the sixth element.
How could I do that,I was attacked by plagnum.
This thing is made of plagnum.
It is all because of plagnum.

december sessions.

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The Owls Head Crew is still out there shralping. To start joell jumped over this rail to flat Bonedeth!
Caveman dan with the hops
joell 180 down the 7
Dan with the tuck-no no, sorry guys caught it late
And to end the mothafucking cold sesh was joell with this smooth swag hop
Listen we are always out there riding so keep an eye on the blog for the next session.

Be Ready For

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Tons of footage from 04/05 filled with the best of ..


-Dyker Park

-Sand Rails

-abandoned mental institutions

-rails on trails

-session in front of houses

Random PPL





city trips

nj trips




And Of Course...BUBBLESSSS


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OHC !!!

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soo good

Brooklyn Street Photo Session

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Another amazing session with credit due to Marc and Anthony for dragging my ass out of the house. Enjoy.
Oh, and be sure to check the post directly below over on my blog. I am trying to get votes so I can get this shot into JPG Mag.

Read full post at The Light Dynamic Blog

Jeremy circa 2006-2008

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had some free time upstate so i made a remix of some old footage of Jeremy

jeremy remix 07/08 from marc giardina on Vimeo.

FinePix Random Edit #1

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Very short random edit featuring Ikeem,Sean,Milan and Pepe.
Look forward to see more of these before I leave to Europe.


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Must watch this

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if u haven't scene this yet
this is what its all about

Night session with the younglings

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Photos by Nick Garoogian & Marc Giardina

sept 16 edit from 2007 ish?

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sept 16 07 from marc giardina on Vimeo.

what a good day


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wow 3 years ago today we filmed this
this day was so fun

11/10/06 from marc giardina on Vimeo.

The party is over

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Party is over from marc giardina on Vimeo.

watch the video under this post !!!!!

Gayridge Day Edit

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Happy b-day Scotto! haha

Few random pictures

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The fact that I have to re-size the pictures to fit into the blog,makes them look shitty.
Mike's giant double peg stall...
...with a death gap next to it
walltap by Mike
and Danny boosting higher than the fence next to him.

Old footage from over the past months

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Old Owlshead sesh is up over at The TLD Blog





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Milan - exactly a year ago. Save your words of hate mcfurious.


Kinda cut off on one side. Go the for full sized seq.


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Different angle of Mikey's ice to footy


Nothing better than old abandoned warehouse...

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Ikeem's barspin over the rail

and Biggie's new ride which we gonna use to build a skatepark there hahaha

Mikey-ice pick to footjam

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More pictures in Marc's facebook "Oct.5 Owls Head" album.mikey_icetofootjam

<3 Shady Banks Kids

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In an effort to spread the word I am letting The Let Down readers know that my bike was grabbed when I had my back turned shooting at the banks jam last weekend. It's a Fit S3.5 in maroon with black Sunday bars, gold Fit sprocket and gold Fit DLD stem, as well as many Fly components and black Gsport rims. If you see someone with this bike or a majority of these parts, let me know @ (801) 915-1982. I want to kick this guys ass more than I want my bike back ... that's how pissed I am.

I am at a point where I not only use my bike for the enjoyment I get from riding, but also to get me from spot to spot on shoots. In a way it is a large part of how I make a living. If any of you have parts you are willing to kick down or sell (if they are in great shape) please let me know. It would mean the world to me if I could get a bike built up in the next few weeks.

Thank you all!
Big Bear

Jam Update

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The Jam has been moved back a week to the 24th. Please spread the word. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Catty Woods Benefit Jam

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A benefit jam is being held @ the Panamoka Trails out on Long Island this Saturday (the 17th). Weather may be a factor that pushes it back till next weekend, but if not I expect to see a few of you there. Write me at for directions and updates.

Big Bear

Dzavid's wallride

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Dzavid kills it.Random pic and video.

New edit

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its my first post on here so i figure i might as well post a video with it.. let me know if you like or not since its my first edit in a while.

owls head early fall edit from Spaz AtAck on Vimeo.

BMX sucks

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There is always a downside to every good pure thing and in bmx sometimes there seems like there is to many downsides. I know everyone is different and everyone experiences unusual things while riding there bike including, crackheads, bad $1 pizza, the sketchy spots we are forced to ride, seeing best friends get hurt, gangs, drugs, broken bike parts, the expense of bike parts, the crazy taxi motherfuckers that like to hit bikers, I can go on but i won't because whoever reads this is thinking of the craziest bad thing to happen when you were just pedaling around. As always throught all the bad shit that happens to us we stick together and ride through it all as friends. Well whatever as always BROOKLYN Crew is the best in N.Y and no one is competing with us ha. Watch out for the countless web edits about to drop and a dvd thats in the works.

Industrial Brooklyn

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This is what happens when Milan and Pepe go look for new spots in industrial area of Brooklyn.

Cleaning up the floor
Wallride on the fence
The set up for rail hop
Rail hop
Yes,epic rail
Rest in peace,little bird :(
Sunset HS rail
Rail master Pepe haha
Windy wallride
and the last picture is wallride+rail to any grind variations.